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About us

KapsTag represents the “Capstone + Tag” means “Together - we can reach the top”. We strongly believe in the concept of inclusive growth of KCC (KapsTag + Clients + Candidates). Our strategic approach pivots on the central theme – “Committed to Delivery Excellence”

KapsTag Workforce Solutions is one of the fastest growing recruiting solutions company with projection of adding more than 50 clients every quarter. More than 5 branches, in over 5 cities around the India.

KapsTag Workforce Solutions offering innovative and customer-centricworkforce capacity to improve our client’s productivity and business continuity across various industries.

We offer a wide variety of recruiting services. We are specialized in sourcing and headhunting niche technical skilled resources from across the globe.

The services we offer fall into the broad categories of technical professional staffing, permanent placement, Campus Hiring and Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and consulting
Headquartered in Pune - India
KapsTag Workforce Solutions offers a full range of recruiting solutions to help organizations of all sizes find, engage, and attract the best talent
We have championed into beginner level to senior level hiring
Domain expertise across specific industries
Serving Clients across India and spreading our wing in US and APAC Region
Team of Expert Recruiter Deployed on work - Tagged to client based on Technology and Domain

Why us? Because we think Beyond the Staffing
Technologies change so rapidly, that we can no longer reliably predict the future even a few years ahead.Change is so certain to accelerate that we all must stand to fulfill our promises to clients and stakeholders.
The constant application of innovation to production, transport and communications has transformed the world economy into a constantly changing, highly integrated and competitive place and thus rise in competitive pressures of pricing & expertise which outpaces price inflation and creating an unrelenting pressure on the business.
Two companies have equally valuable products and services. They also have the same amount of investment and capital. They both enjoy the same market, but their market share is different. Because the only difference is “workforce”; The company which has innovative workforce leads the market with sustainable and balance growth.
We are living challenging times indeed but we at KapsTag believes in “Innovation is progress”. Through promoting and strengthening innovative work force, clients become more competitive, and more prepared to face the emerging economic, social and environmental challenges of globalization. We at KapsTag also believes in focusing more on SQC model “Speed- Quality-Cost” (SQC)- for our clients;which is certainly one of the most important ingredients of a being competitive and stay relevant.

What makes us different

We are different,’ ‘unique’ and ‘offer innovative solutions’ while providing ‘superior customer service

We have undisputed records in filling technical and management positions across Hierarchy.
We do exclusive Headhunting for all the positions at management levels

Access to highly educated, cost- competitive human capital